Housing Solutions

Homes for People has a number of creative solutions to support lower income households into home ownership.

The construction of compact homes on smaller pieces of land ensures that our homes, at market value, are in the lower quartile of homes for sale.

Residents often purchase our homes because they wouldn’t be able to buy any other home on the market. They may have the assistance of a regular bank mortgage but some residents have been accepted for our assisted home ownership programmes:

  • HomeSaver, a ‘rent-then-buy’ programme for households who are not yet able to access a mortgage.
  • HomeforLife for households who have a significant level of equity but not the income to access a mortgage.
  • Sometimes we work together with people who already have a home or land to find a win-win solution.
Handing over the keys

Express your interest in a Homes for People Home


Supports people who are not yet able to access a mortgage.


Supports people who have equity or assets but not a home that is suitable for their needs.

Transitional Housing

Supports people who are experiencing homelessness.

Benefits of Homes for People Housing

Compact, Efficient, Good Quality Homes

Homes for People residents live in warm, healthy homes with sunny outdoor spaces. This provides social and emotional benefits, improved health, wellbeing and financial security.

The wider community benefits from reduced health, social service and housing costs, and by having people who are active participants in society

Homes for People builds with quality, reliable materials. Our compact designs consider the whole of life cost of maintenance. Homes are primarily one and two bedrooms due to market shortage.

We work on a mixed tenure model with first home buyers living alongside people who are downsizing and those who are supported by our assisted ownership programmes.

About Us

Homes for People is a charitable trust, established in July 2016, in response to the growing housing need in provincial New Zealand.

We work together with social impact investors to build and deliver new affordable housing to lower income people and households in our community.

Homes for People homes are designed using principles of urban design with low-maintenance, cost-effective living being the desired outcome.

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