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Here are some stories about the People in our Homes

Affordable Homeowner

Affordable Homeowner

“For me with my health, I’ve got a bad back and hips, I really needed to find something that was low-maintenance so that I could get in. The other houses I’d been looking at were all steps, lots of garden, I just couldn’t do that. It just really fitted the bill for me.”

Elaine sustained a back injury that effectively ended her career and subsequently she struggled to maintain her family sized weatherboard home and section. Being no longer in the work force, she could not afford a more expensive property. Elaine’s Homes for People one-bedroom home is suitable for her needs and she says that living closer to her neighbours provides her with a sense of safety and security.

Undergoing a hip operation within months of moving in, Elaine was able to quickly return home with minimal modifications.

Assisted Ownership – Homesaver Programme

Assisted Ownership – HomeSaver Programme

This programme has allowed Daniel and Lorna to move out of an insecure, cold damp rental into a Homes for People home. Two and a half years later, they are now going through the process of buying this home.

HomeSaver provides qualifying households the opportunity to work toward home ownership in a Homes for People home. They sign up to a five-year tenancy with the option to buy the home they are living in during or at the end of their tenancy.

“The places are great! We at last, after a long time renting in the private market, have a place that is secure, reliable and good neighbour community. We can also trust that we won't move until we are ready (and can buy before then too!).”

Assisted Ownership – “HomeforLife” Shared Equity Programme

Assisted Ownership – “HomeforLife” Shared Equity Programme

After Bridget’s* mother passed away, Bridget* was living in her Mum’s home. The estate needed to be settled and Bridget* would not have enough money to buy the home. In any case, it was cold, uninsulated and too large for Bridget*. Homes for People purchased the property from estate and Bridget’s* share was paid back to Homes for People so we could build her a new home. Homes for People removed Bridget’s* mother’s homes for the site and built five compact affordable homes.

Bridget’s* share of the estate was not enough for her to own her home outright and her income meant she was not able to access and bank mortgage. Instead, she is in our “HomeforLife” programme and shares the ownership of her new home with Homes for People.

If Bridget* can, she may buy Homes for People’s share but is under no obligation to do so.

“This home is not only my home but is a small community of women supporting each other. I am very grateful and happy to be here.”

*Not her real name

Transitional Housing

Transitional Housing

Alex and Melissa gave notice at their private rental after a messy tenancy situation.

They thought they’d easily find a new rental but they were wrong. After a number of a weeks overcrowded in Emergency Housing in motels, Homes for People were able to offer them our three-bedroom unit for as long as they needed it. It took 9 months to be accepted for a new home.

While living at Kawakawa Lodge, our housing coaches were able to help them ensure their applications were of a good standard and to provide a reference to say that they were positive members of our community. We were also able to ensure other health and wellbeing needs were met.

“Being Homeless is the real deal but it’s a little too real for some. Despite the situation and challenges that came with it, we met the most real and best people we now call whanau while in there. Walking it out and having each other’s back. At time we stressed and had meltdowns best part was we could and no one judged us just understood.”

Transitional Housing

Transitional Housing

When we first met Emma* she had just completed residential Drug Rehab but was sleeping in her car as she was unable to find accommodation. This was the start of a long relationship where Homes for People staff supported Emma* through the ups and downs of her recovery journey. We provided emotional and practical support as well as ensuring she had the health support she needed. Her adult son was able to join her when his accommodation situation broke down.

We were also blessed to be able to share in Emma’s* passion for art and be with her when her art was included in a charity auction.

After 18 months, Emma* and her adult son were accepted for a private rental and we still keep in contact. “ Last time we heard, Emma* had been drug free for over a year.

*Not her real name

About Us

Homes for People is a charitable trust, established in July 2016, in response to the growing housing need in provincial New Zealand.

We work together with social impact investors to build and deliver new affordable housing to lower income people and households in our community.

Homes for People homes are designed using principles of urban design with low-maintenance, cost-effective living being the desired outcome.

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